what/how to communicate positively as an entrepreneur during COVID-19

if you follow me on instagram you may have seen some of these tips in stories this week in my videos or posts & reshares, but repeating positive inspo never did anyone harm, right?! So i hope this weekly recap or compilation of this week’s tips can be a checklist for you to look back at if you lose track!

any questions? want to book a session with me ? email me here.

.Keep your focus & your routine despite doubt + confinement:

After taking some time to process and doing some yoga, we may be feeling listless, especially being the high energy entrepreneurs that we are. being stuck at home is anti-business momentum positive and for many who are used to always being on the go and thrive from having a full schedule, this quarantine may have thrown you for a mental spin as well ! If you want some reminders on how to get back on track, make a list of goals and stick to them to bring order into your new daily, despite the chaos outside, why not go check out Victoria Sardain‘s comprehensive guide to keeping your focus in quarantine : she has taken all the concerns her community has mentioned & squeezed them into a full guide book. Link here : https://www.victoriasardain.com/journal/quarantine-guide.

If you are looking for inspiration as a freelancer on how to price your services and ask to get paid, check out this IGTV video. Or if you are an entrepreneur and you want to keep creating and making good content and putting yourself out there, but you need a positivity boost first, i invite you to check out my latest igtv video, made in collaboration with Tanya from www.thelausanneguide.com, who will also have a guide up soon on how to support small business.

as Victoria says, all these guides are: “packed with easily implementable tips and tools that you can apply right now. we all hope this can help some of you during this weird time. We’re all in this together. If you check out the guide and find it useful, share this with as many people. Spread hope, support & positivity” Do this through your sincere and open communications during the crisis and your followers will thank you.

.strategize, plan, adapt, ask & act:

If you are feeling at loss and not sure how to best act on this crucial step in your business, maybe this is a sign that your strategy needs a future proof plan and dusting off anyway. your brand’s tone of voice may need a touch up, or your motivation may be lacking. Have you though about hiring a remote digital change & crisis comms consultant to help you pivot, adapt and land on your feet? Perhaps this extra time you now have to create your strategy is what you’ve needed for a while but never had the space in your busy schedule for. By bringing in a fresh perspective with a few hours with a consultant, your business will definitely benefit from actionable solutions to keep your business afloat by using the power of design thinking, social media growth hacking techniques, lean business pivoting tools and agile innovation to diversify your revenue streams for now and later on.

Some case studies : an instagram friend has adapted very quickly and done this brilliantly by offering holistic nutrition consulting services and remote cooking classes by skype : check out @nawailli or her website for more info. Yet another local lausanne entrepreneur has had to close her beauty salon and postpone all in person appointments. she used this week to finally get a digital service up and running on her website now offers remote eyebrow shaping and home care consultations for those in confinement who want to keep their self care routine up : @eleniseyebrows for all things brow-to-wow! One last one, a Client of mine in a remote area of australia, @tomolly_carcoar, complemented her brick-and-mortar business by building her lovely online shop, with all her beautiful products made by local artisans, only in november. Now with boutiques closed to limit pandemic spread, having an online presence and a functional, secure and updated e-shop is not just trendy, it is ABSOLUTELY essential if you want your product based biz to survive.

what i’ve gathered, sometimes, all it takes for small businesses is a 2 hours audit and brainstorming session with a consultant to help you derive a concrete value-packed action plan for your next steps. sounds good? you can book a session here.

community initiatives :

Stay inspired, keep showing up, keep creating and keep Sharing, I love all the community ideas and initiatives that my dear insta friends have come up with! why not start one of your own?

 @handletteredbylama and I have decided to repost our friends coffee photos as a sort of #virtualcoffeedate each day, until we can reunite in our favorite places like @sleepybearcoffee or @capassecreme.ch or @borealcoffee or @cafecoutume! To share beauty as we #stayHome@ahungryblonde_ has launched #quarantineViews! Friends such as @genevadiscovery and @thelausanneguide and @victoriasardain and @cannellerebelle have been super heroes in supporting small businesses and are compiling guides to help you through various challenges as a business or to stay motivated to stay healthy! And To fight the blues of being at home more than we signed up for, @sofia.clara has a great tip in her stories today, to do at least one creative activity each day to stay positive and mindful despite #quarantine! My friend @thebrownpapermovement has launched a 30days of music challenge! My friend @rocioegiostudio has created the uplifting and colorful as always #coronaretreat thread with other graphic designers and its a treat! My SF friend @julesskye has a super complete movie and other media review collaborative excel file to send out to anyone who is in need of good media to re-watch and discover! Any great ideas you’ve found? Comment them below or send them to me via email or instagram, then send this to a friend in need of inspiration.

the word of the day in comms this week is to offer services that contribute to the movement that prones to #stayinside and #staysafe. People who haven’t gotten the memo yet or who are still communicating as normal will be deemed as in denial or heartless, the threat to your clients is real, we are genuinely worried for our affected ones near to us or or those at risk dear to us, so make sure your business comms reflects that same sincerely worried attitude and BRING VALUE to your community. 

.Keep showing up & keep sharing :

my current mantra or motto of the day. quick side note, most of the tips I’m giving for entrepreneurs are happening in my instagram stories and saved in my story highlights on instagram, so check them out if you are in need of a boost. I might be on a manic high but damn today flew by because I wrote out my to-do list, added a bunch more, scheduled some calls with industry peers to help them figure stuff out asap, checked in with clients, developed new leads (that may only manifest in 3 months), strategized like crazy for clients and kept busy and active.

here are just some of my free tips for the time being. We can be grateful to be surrounded by love & support, don’t forget others who aren’t so fortunate in your comms strategy. as my dad always said, ‘it could be worse’ 😉 If you are in need of a motivational kick in the butt or to simply get inspired for your projects in this tough time, reach out to me, because your business health matters & no entrepreneur should feel isolated in this scary time 🖤 now is perhaps the time to slow down and think about your next steps…to sustainably and ethically grow your brand into a blossoming example for others to follow and be inspired by.

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