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dear faces,

as we all get into this ‘new’ normal of quarantine month n.2, on top of sharing entrepreneurs tips and trick on my instagram stories and igtv, i thought i would take this time gifted to us as an opportunity to sift and sort through the archive of my previous travels and client work from the last 2 years that i absolutely haven’t had the time to process and share in a curated way. i encourage you, dear reader, to do the same.

Even if you are reading this post-quarantine, gift yourself ten minutes a day to document your process, to digest your accomplished work, or why not plan to share some of this archive as part of your portfolio building. the benefit of the accumulation of this painstaking work will reveal itself through its sheer volume over time. Be it as a way of showing future clients what you’ve done, or simply as a way of helping your brain categorize and learn something from the movie in your head (and in your memory card!)

in the words of Fred Ritchen, taken from his assignement ‘The meta- photographer’ on p.291 of The Photographer’s Playbook, edited in by aperture foundation :

In an era distinguished by an overwhelming surfeit of photographs, we need people who can help us to make sense of at least a small portion of the imagery that already exists. 

Fred Ritchen.


this series was curated listening to the 1967 toytown psych sounds of time traveling musician Jacco Gardner, listen here

-Guided Gazes.

people, standing together, looking with you at something, 2019.

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